Fyre Email Leak: Nobody’s Pooping

Just when one thought it had run its course, a new leaked email reignited outrage among those following the infamous Fyre Festival.

‘Fyre’ Bomb
Jake Strang via AP
– ‘No One’s Pooping’
Tents and a portable toilet set up for attendees for the Fyre Festival in the Exuma islands, Bahamas.

The costs of importing bathrooms and showers were far higher than anticipated, emails leaked to Mic showed, but at least organizers didn’t miss an opportunity to make a good joke.

“No one is eating, so therefore no ones [sic] pooping… .” an email read. The quip was made right after caterers backed out of the event, leading to the cheese sandwiches pictured in a widely circulated image now forever associated with the festival.

 In the emails, executive Lyly Villanueva warned Fyre Media President Conall Arora that using port-a-johns rather than nicer, cleaner bathrooms would provoke backlash, but her warnings apparently were not heeded. 

Low paying customers were also moved to the second weekend of the festival in an attempt to save money, according to The WrapUltimately, the lack of clean bathrooms was one of the conditions cited in legal complaints against the festival.

Meanwhile, there is a petition to consolidate all of the civil class action suits against Fyre Media and festival organizers Billy McFarland and Ja Rule. That petition will be heard by federal judges in Los Angeles July 27, Variety reported. The number of lawsuits against Fyre was at least nine at press time.

The compounding reports of damage from the festival have reached the point where the feds found it appropriate to open a criminal investigation related to possible mail fraud, wire fraud and securities fraud, the New York Times reported. The implication is that organizers, most notably entrepreneur Billy McFarland, may face jail time for the debacle.