What’s Happening At Pollstar

The new Pollstar.com website has been out for about a month now, and we’ve received quite a bit of feedback on it.

We are planning on adding many new features over the coming months, including the ability to properly print event listings, filtering by genre, a full page dedicated to festivals, improved filtering of news and photos, a full-featured API and constant and ongoing improvements to the mobile experience.

Pollstar Is Everywhere!
– Pollstar Is Everywhere!

While we cannot respond personally to all feedback, we do read everything. We try to fix urgent problems as quickly as we can, and we make a note of feature requests and suggestions, perhaps with an eye to implementing some of the more popular requests in the future. Obviously, our top priority is on fixing problems, resolving platform usability issues and other critical issues before we address other features.

And no, you do NOT have to subscribe to continue using Pollstar for free. Subscription-level access is intended for industry professionals that traditionally use our other website, PollstarPro.com.  Pollstar.com will remain free for most users, but business professionals will want to upgrade for access to additional information such as artist and industry contacts, tour histories, box office reports, custom research, directories, artist and venue availability searches, and much, much more.

Keep the feedback coming, as it really does help – and while you may feel that your voice is not heard, we can assure you that constructive criticism, feature requests and detailed problem reports are all treated very seriously as they help us to move forward and build the best platform that we can.