5FDP Announces Makeup Show

Five Finger Death Punch is making it up to fans for Monday’s debacle of a concert by going back to Tilburg, Netherlands, for another try. The show is free for ticketholders.

The June 12 gig ended after just 40 minutes following a remark to the audience from frontman Ivan Moody saying, “I’ll let you know ahead of time, this is my last show with Five Finger Death Punch.” He then used his right hand to mimic slitting his throat.

Ivan Moody of Five Finger Death Punch
© Reagan Hackleman / © RH Photos
– Ivan Moody of Five Finger Death Punch
Beale Street Music Festival, Tom Lee Park, Memphis, Tenn.

The frontman reportedly didn’t take the stage with the band until the third song, with Tommy Vext filling in on vocals, according to Loudwire. The magazine points to Dutch website BD.nl that claims the band “disappeared after every song [for] minutes from the stage and seemed to quarrel among themselves.”

5FDP issued a statement on Wednesday saying that Bad Wolves’s Tommy Vext would be filling on vocals on the current European tour so Moody can get help for substance abuse.  

Tilburg will welcome the band back to the same venue, The 013, on June 19.

“Last Monday’s show was an avalanche of events largely out of our control,” guitar player Zoltan Bathory said. “We could sit here all day and apologize but our fans in the Netherlands deserve better than that.  They’ve stuck with us all these years and helped get us to where we are today.  So, we managed to re-route our tour and come back to Tilburg and play a free show on our day off – because actions speak louder than words.”

Ticketholders from the June 12 gig will receive an email with instructions about obtained free guaranteed priority tickets.