Cry Cry Cry Over Northeastern U.S.

The singer-songwriter supergroup of

Photo Courtesy of Mixtape Media
– Cry Cry Cry

The group had its first reunion performance at Clearwater festival earlier this year, and apparently a good time was had by all, as the band members have signed on for additional gigs in New York, Massachusetts and Pennsylvania this year.

The lone Pennsylvania performance is at Philadelphia Folk Festival Aug. 19, and the other three shows are headline gigs Oct. 26-28.  Don’t be sad if your market doesn’t have a stop yet, more reunion dates are still being promised.

“We certainly did not expect to be reuniting at this unique moment in time, when people are coming together giving voice, partly through music, to what matters to our collective values,” Kaplansky said.

The band only had one album of cover songs, released in 1998 and the group did one tour together in 1999.

A presale is on now and the general public can get tickets June 23.

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