Nasdaq Delists Sillerman Company

Robert Sillerman’s latest company Function (x) was delisted from the Nasdaq June 22. 

AP file photo
– Sillerman
A file photo of Robert Sillerman from 2006.

The company hadn’t filed a recent quarterly report at press time and was reportedly struggling under massive amounts of debt. 
The company, which Sillerman still claims is ascending as a digital media publisher, was being traded “over-the-counter,” off major exchanges. 
“The company came to the conclusion that the overhang of uncertainty, and the continuing expense related to these issues, were an unnecessary cost and distraction as we execute on our vision,” Sillerman said of Nasdaq’s threats and eventual decision to delist the company. Some experts are speculating that Function (x) might be headed the same direction as SFX with poor cashflow and earnings compared to its expenses. 
The company was trading around 26 cents a share at press time.