Car Meets Mizzou Arena

A Missouri man turned himself in after allegedly crashing his vehicle through gates and doors to Columbia, Mo.’s

Mizzou Arena
Mizzou Arena
– Mizzou Arena

A Volkswagen Passat was driven through a closed gate, a garage door and onto Norm Stewart Court, damaging two golf carts and exiting through a press gate, University of Missouri Police Department spokesman Brian Weimer told Pollstar.

The suspect was arrested after police identified him as a suspect and contacted him. He was released with $10,500 bond and is being charged with burglary and property damage, according to the Kansas City Star.

The suspect, Nathaniel Conant, 23, was reportedly listed as an employee of the University’s athletic department.

The damage to the 15,061-capacity arena could be up to $100,000 Weimer said; a more specific evaluation of the damage would be forthcoming.