Filmed Police Altercation Leads To Probe

Two people who were removed from a Red Hot Chili Peppers concert in Montreal, Canada, June 20 captured a subsequent altercation with police on video and now local police officials are reportedly opening an investigation into the incident.

Bell Centre
Bell Centre
– Bell Centre

France Ann Morrison and Dominic Ethier were attending the show at the

“The Bell Centre personnel and security tried to calmly address the situation, however, the clients refused to cooperate (i.e. they refused to show their tickets) and became more and more disruptive,” a representative said. “Unfortunately, their disorderly behaviour amplified the situation and forced the security staff to escort them out of the building.”  

The couple told Journal de Montreal they arrived to find someone else in their assigned seats and were asked to leave when they brought the problem to staff.

Outside of the venue, the two apparently then had an encounter with police, as a video from Morrison shows Ethier pressed to the ground by two police officers while a third places him in handcuffs.

The City Police Service of Montreal is carrying out an internal investigation into the matter, the Journal reported