Germany: Lanxess Arena, Initiative Musik

Lanxess Remains Name Sponsor For Arena

Lanxess Arena
– Lanxess Arena

Cologne’s  will keep its name for at least another five years, starting Jan. 1, 2019. Lanxess is a company dealing with specialty chemicals. It’s chairman of the board Matthias Zachert said he was proud to remain on board as naming rights partner.

He said the 20,000 capacity arena was a “landmark” for Cologne. Every year, 1.6 million visitors on average visit 150 to 200 events ranging from shows, sports, music and corporate events, according to the arena’s stats.

Stefan Löcher, CEO of the arena, said that since signing the first contract with Lanxess in 2008, the arena has enjoyed a “unparalleled success story,” increasing its utilization each year. He added that “such a positive record wouldn’t have been inconceivable without our partner Lanxess.”

Initiative Musik Germany Increases Tour Support

The German not-for profit governmental funding institution Initiative Musik has expanded its so-called short tours program (Kurztourförderung).

Since the launch of the program seven years ago 1,200 artists applied for the funding. More than 600 applications were granted.

The program enables artists to take up gig offers from abroad which otherwise couldn’t be financed. Prof. Jens Michow, president of Germany’s promoters’ agency bdv and board member of Initiative Musik explained that grants are given to those artists who, in the eyes of the jury members, have a chance of establishing a career in the respective foreign markets.

Since July 2017 Australia was added to the list of core markets, which thus far included Europe, China, Japan, North America and Canada.

The funding volume has been increased as well. Bands who are offered showcase or support gigs abroad are eligible for grants of up to euros 600 for gigs within Europe and euro 1,000 for gigs outside of Europe.

In addition, bands can request a marketing grant of euro 1,000. The entire funding cannot exceed 50 per cent of overall touring costs.

Applications need to be handed in at least five weeks prior to any given tour. German acts who have profited from Initiative Musik’s program include femal duo Gurr from Berlin, Roosevelt from Cologne, White Wine from Leipzig and others.

Initiative Musik receives the money for its funding programs from the German government’s budget. It is also supported by Germany’s Musikrat as well as collecting societies GVL and GEMA.