Tears Of Silver Run Across North America

Members of bands like Mercury Rev, Big Star,

Ken Stringfellow – Ken Stringfellow

The players on the tour are Ken Stringfellow of The Posies, Big Star and R.E.M.; Jesse Chandler of Mercury Rev and Midlake; and

The artists will mix in material from their different respective catalogs, “spilling over and recombining and forming a rapturous gestalt.”

The thing about this tour is that it will be taking place in “handpicked alternative spaces chosen by the group.” Those locations won’t be revealed to ticketholders until 48 hours before each show, meaning that right now we can only list dates and cities.

This approach to venues was apparently pushed by Stringfellow on the last Posies tour. The group ended up playing in churches, garages, mansions and caves.

Tickets to the gigs are on sale now.

The tour page has all the dates and cities listed for ease of reference.