LYV Hits Another High

Live Nation Logo 2017
– Live Nation Logo 2017

Across 52 weeks, that’s good for an $11.72 per share, 45.8 percent uptick in share price since last summer. Or, if you bought 10 shares of LYV on this date last year for $255.60, they are worth about $372.87 now.

Live Nation’s own running of the bulls hasn’t gone unnoticed in the financial press. Barron’s published a piece July 21 saying there’s “still time to get on the bandwagon” for investors wary of the ebb and flow of the concert market.

The magazine seems to be saying that same forces helping to spike Live Nation’s market value are the same the power the industry as a whole. And what it says mirrors what many in the concert industry have been saying about the Millennial generation’s perceived preference for the experiential over the material.

“Young adults these days like attending live events so they can share photos and videos from their experiences there on social media,” Barron’s quoted William Blair analyst Ryan Sudby “and artists need tours now more than ever, since music sales don’t bring in the income they once did.”