Roadcase Royale Ready To Ramble

Image Courtesy of 37 Media.
– Roadcase Royale
A press photo for Roadcase Royale.

The band’s tour routing currently runs through September and October. The headline gigs include theatres in New York, Milwaukee, Nashville and Oklahoma City.

The group will also be playing arenas with

The band’s new album, titled First Things First, is due out Sept. 22. If you want a sample of how it will sound, check out the single “Get Loud.”

The band consists of Wilson on guitar, Warfield on vocals, Ryan Waters on lead guitar, Chris Joyner on keys, Dan Rothchild on bass, and Ben Smith on drums.

“Roadcase Royale is the band I’ve always wanted to be in,” Nancy Wilson said. “I’m amazed after devoting my life to rock music how it now feels so brand new.”

You can see all of Roadcase Royale’s plans on its Pollstar artist page.