UK Festival Awards Report

The people behind the UK Festival Awards published the results of a survey among 8,000 festivalgoers, conducted between Oct. and Nov. 2016. Here are some highlights.  

UK Festivals Market Report
– UK Festivals Market Report

The sample was made up of 60 percent females and 40 percent males. The majority of respondents were 21-25 years old (18.2 percent), followed by the age groups 41-50 (17.5 percent), 18-20 (13.8 percent) and 26-30 (12.5 percent).

Some 41 percent of respondents identified as single, 32 percent said they were in a relationship, the rest married. 34 percent said they were attending one festival per year, 26 percent went to two, and 14 percent attended three. Sixty percent thought that festival ticket prices were “about right”, 21 percent thought they were “overpriced for what they deliver,” 19 percent thought they offered “good value for money.”

Most respondents bought their tickets between nine to three months prior to the event. 37 percent thought the reselling of tickets above face value after a festival sold out was “an absolute disgrace and must be stopped!” Some 29 percent said they didn’t approve but if the demand was there one couldn’t stop it. Six percent said they had no problem with a free market, 3 percent thought it was “a great way to get tickets to sold out events.”

The top three of improvements festival attendees would like to see at festival bars are: free public wifi in the vicinity of the bar, discounts on group orders – 34.6 percent of respondents went to festivals in groups of six or more – and the ability to pay with debit/credit cards. The top three of home comforts most missed by festivalgoers are: clean, flushable toilets (22.3 percent) – 84.8 percent of respondents paid to visit a premium toilet facility – a bed (18.2 percent) and a shower (8.9 percent), while 36.2 percent replied they didn’t miss anything.

Just under 65 percent said the economic climate didn’t affect their festival plans. 12.8 percent had visited festivals outside of the UK, and 29.9 percent of those who did preferred it. 26.4 per ent thought it was “a bit better,” and 22.4 percent thought it was “no different.” Among the things people liked about festivals abroad were a better atmosphere and organization, cheaper food, drinks and ticket prices, better weather and the lineup. 20.9 percent said they had taken illicit drugs at a festival.

91.3 percent of respondents own a smartphone that they take to festivals. Phones are mainly used to stay in touch with friends at the event (57.6 percent), track weather forecasts (41.4 percent), share experiences on Facebook (40.8 percent) and for instant messaging (36 percent). 27.5 percent said they used the festival’s official app.

UK Festivals Market Report
– UK Festivals Market Report

28.7 percent said they would use their mobile phones more if the connection on site was better. Most respondents (53.3 percent) spent between £10 and £50 on alcohol every day at the event.

54.3 percent spent the same amount on food. As far as accommodation is concerned, 60 percent brought their own tent, 12.6 percent chose a hotel, 6.8 percent a campervan, and 5 percent had chosen a glamping or VIP camping option.

88.8 percent said the “would consider paying for VIP accommodation again in the future.” 26.2 percent said they spent £50-100 at each festival, 22.4 percent said they spent £100-150.

18.6 percent identified with the £10-150 price range, 16.1 percent with the £150-200 price rage. 22.7 percent bought an artist branded shirt, 34 percent went for a festival branded shirt.

The full report can be downloaded here.