Breakin’ The Law: Dog Rescue At Phish Show; Shooting Outside R&B Concert

Police arrested a man outside a Phish concert at 

Petersen Events Center
Petersen Events Center
– Petersen Events Center

The man was watching the show when police noticed the dog alone in the car looking dehydrated, so they broke the car’s driver-side windows to free it, WPXI-TV reported.  

When the man returned and discovered the damage to his car he reportedly tried to fight an officer and was arrested to applause from other leaving concertgoers. 
The individual was charged with cruelty to animals, aggravated assault, resisting arrest and possession of marijuana. 

Approximately a dozen shots were fired outside a Jacquees concert at Lakehurst Events in Waukegan, Ill., July 22. 

As concertgoers exited, a fight broke out which led to the gunfire, according to the Lake County News-Sun . 

While video of the shooting and someone possibly lying on the ground circulated the internet, no victim had come forward or been reported at press time. 

Warning, the footage embedded is graphic.

Lakehurst events was formerly known as the Sundance Saloon.

One man was arrested in connection with the shooting, according to the News-Sun.