Kenny G’s Holiday Miracles

One of the world’s most popular saxophonists, Kenny G, is headed around North America to spread some holiday cheer with some of seasonal hits.

Kenny G
Courtesy of The Lakeland Center
– Kenny G
The Lakeland Center, Lakeland, Fla.

The “Miracles Holiday & Hits Tour 2017” will begin a bit early, Nov. 2 in Ridgefield, Conn. There isn’t a lot planned in the middle of November, but things pick back up Nov. 29 in Olympia, Wash., and continues until Dec. 18 in York, Pa.

A presale start July 27 and tickets are available to the general public July 28 at 10 a.m.

The setlist will include songs from his 1994 project, Miracles: The Holiday Album, along with some of the smash singles you would expect to hear at a Kenny G concert.

“Performing the classic holiday songs is such a pleasure for me and the band,” said Kenny. “I’m asked year round to play songs from my classic holiday song.”

Kenny G has always had his haters, but a visit to his Twitter page will show that he has maintained a great sense of humor and the man still knows how to rock that sax.

For those that just can’t get enough Kenny G, why not visit his Pollstar artist page for info on upcoming dates, previous gigs, and industry contacts?