Coldplay Sues Potential Fake Merch Vendors

A subsidiary of Live Nation is suing unnamed defendants for selling unauthorized merch at an upcoming Coldplay concert at

Chris Martin of Coldplay
Michael Zorn / Invision / AP
– Chris Martin of Coldplay
“Budweiser Made In America,” Benjamin Franklin Parkway, Philadelphia, Pa.

The defendants aren’t named specifically because no crime has been committed yet, as the concert is scheduled for Aug. 4.

That didn’t stop Live Nation Merchandise from filing a federal suit in Boston against John and Jane Does and Company XYZ for selling Coldplay-branded items like shirts, jerseys, sweatshirts and posters, according to the Boston Business Journal.

The complaint will no doubt be amended with actual names once individuals have actually sold and distributed unauthorized merchandise at the Gillette Stadium show and other stops on Coldplay’s upcoming tour.

The suit is for damages and LN also wants the fake merch destroyed, according to the Business Journal.

Coldplay is a major touring force, finishing at the top of last year’s Pollstar Top 100 Ticket Sales chart, explaining why LN is getting so protective of merch on the tour.