Update: Tomorrowland Public Viewing Evacuated

Stage Fire: Tomorrowland Public Viewing In Spain Evacuated 

Tomorrowland, which has become so popular it attracts 20,000 plus people to public viewings in various cities, had to evacuate the live streaming event in Spain, July 29.

Some 22,000 people had gathered in Barcelona’s

At some point, the stage that contained the screen caught fire “due to a technical malfunction,” according to the event organizers.

 A statement on the festival website reads: “July 29th had everything to be a great night and we are all very sad with the incident that happened on stage. The most important thing is nobody got hurt.

“For now, there are some important things you need to know: 1. Keep your bracelet, 2. You will have a full refund of your ticket, 3. You will also have a full refund of your leftover balance (euros) on your bracelet. More info to be announced soon.”

The evacuation went smoothly and without major incidences. Promoter ID&T praised the calm manner in which guests left the site. Spain’s authorities are investigating the case.

This year, Tomorrowland Unite was also supposed to take place in Taiwan. But due to the threat of a typhoon, the Kaohsiung City Government decided to scrap all outdoor activities on July 29, starting from 6 p.m..

The remaining Tomorrowland Unite editions in Dubai, Germany, Israel, Lebanon, Malta and South Korea went as planned.

20,000 Flee Fire At Fest In Barcelona — posted July 31 5:00 a.m. — Associated Press

A huge fire at a music festival in Spain forced the evacuation of over 20,000 concertgoers and incinerated the event’s stage in Barcelona, the regional government said Sunday.

Festival Blaze
David Belmonte via AP
– Festival Blaze
Flames engulf the outdoor stage during the “Tomorrowland” electronic music festival in Barcelona, Spain.

The fire Saturday night consumed the large outdoor stage at the “Tomorrowland” electronic music festival held at Barcelona’s

Firefighters said they were investigating the cause. The “Tomorrowland” website published a statement saying the “stage caught fire due to a technical malfunction.”

Barcelona firefighters said there were no serious injuries during the evacuation but the event’s private security treated 20 people for minor injuries or anxiety.

Video images show the fire starting at the top of a tall temporary structure erected on the stage where a large screen showed a performer signing. The towering flames quickly spread until they engulfed the entire stage.

In a statement, regional authorities said the fire “completely destroyed the stage” and that its charred remains “run the risk of collapsing.”

The festival in Barcelona was one of several offshoots of a main