Festivals: Nature One, Into The Factory

Life & Death At Nature One Festival Germany

Nature One Festival 2017
Courtesy Nature One Festival
– Nature One Festival 2017
in Germany

A young woman gave birth to a daughter at Nature One Festival in Kastellaun, Germany, Aug. 5.

That same night, a 20-year-old man died. Both instances took place on the festival campsite. The woman was alone when she gave birth and subsequently walked to the festival’s first-aid station, carrying her child.

She claims to have been unaware of her pregnancy, swr.de reports. Promoter Oliver Vordemvenne promised the child would receive life-long free access to Nature One once she turned 16.

A 20-year-old man died “only a few meters away, for reasons as yet unknown, according to welt.de.

Paramedics found the man unconscious on the campsite, and were unable to revive him.

Nature One took place for the 23rd time, Aug. 4-6, at the missile base Pydna in Kastellau, Germany, attracting some 56,000 visitors.

This year’s lineup included Sven VäthPaul van Dyk, Wankelmut, Milk & Sugar, Above & BeyondDominik Eulberg and more.

Into The Factory Sweden Promoter Offers Replacement Gigs

After the premiere of Into The Factory had to be canceled due to concerns by Swedish police, promoter Music Goes Further is putting on replacement gigs in Stockholm.

The gigs, which include some of the festival’s lineup, will take place on the same weekend the festival was supposed to happen, Aug. 10-12, “somewhere in Stockholm at secret locations.”

A statement from Music Goes Further reads: “As you may already know, our festival Into the Factory was recently forced to cancel as the Swedish Police vetoed our permit. However, we have decided to make it up somehow for our festivalgoers, by organizing a series of parties in Stockholm with some of the lineup. Hope you enjoy the events and thank you for the constant support!” 

Into The Factory
Sophie Valencia Vogel
– Into The Factory
Festival site in Sweden

People who did not claim a refund for their original Into The Factory tickets will have free access over the weekend and at all venues. They will also be granted access to the upcoming Music Goes Further festivals Into The Castle in South Africa, Jan. 26-27, and Into The Valley in Estonia, July 2018.

Ticket holders and new ticket buyers for the replacement weekend, dubbed Out Of The Factory, will be informed about the shows’ locations via email.