No Drug Testing At Leeds Festival UK

Leeds Festival 2016
– Leeds Festival 2016

According to Benn, council did not think the testing facilities, provided by drug safety company The Loop, were up to the standard they expected, the Gazette reports.

A Leeds city council representative said Festival Republic had not submitted a formal application for the implementation of drug testing at this year’s event. Yet, this would have been necessary, after “Festival Republic and a group that advises on safety at public events comprising of the council, police and third sector agencies” had met for a hearing on the matter.

“This is not a decision making body, and Festival Republic said they would take into account what had been said before deciding on whether to submit a formal application. A decision was subsequently taken by Festival Republic to not move ahead with the plan,” the representative is quoted in the report.

The initial plan was for The Loop to test festivalgoers’ drugs, informing them about the quality before destroying whatever was handed over.

Other festivals that implemented The Loop’s program include Secret Garden Party, which celebrated its final edition this year, Kendal Calling and Parklife. Boomtown, which takes place Aug. 10-13, will also be participating.