The Thing That Should Not Pee?

An apparently intoxicated man was arrested at a Metallica concert in Glendale, Ariz., after allegedly urinating on a family in front of him.  

Lars Ulrich of Metallica
AP Photo / Polfoto
– Lars Ulrich of Metallica
Open Air, Horsens, Denmark

Court documents say the family attending the Aug. 4 concert at

Perhaps he was “madly in anger” with the setlist, or had to go so badly that “nothing else matters.” It’s also possible he consumed too “much fuel, fire and that which he desires,” or even makes a habit of urinating “wherever he may roam.”

It is pretty safe to say that “the memory remains” of Daddio’s antics, and that he will likely be “Unforgiven I, II and even Pt. III.”

It is also safe to say that the police were “the hero of the day” and hopefully there will be “justice for all.” Daddio probably wishes he could say “I disappear” or maybe even that he would “fade to black.” 

Daddio faces one count of indecent exposure and one count of disorderly conduct, according to KNXV-TV. 

 Metallica is almost done with its North America tour, and will start a lengthy Europe tour in September.