Primary Talent’s Dave Chumbley Passes


Dave Chumbley
courtesy Dan Steinberg / Promoter 101 / Emporium Presents
– Dave Chumbley
Photo taken from #Promoter 101 Podcast
“Following a short illness Dave Chumbley died suddenly on Tuesday evening, August 22,” a statement on Primary Talent’s website reads. 
“Dave was a great man, a world class agent, esteemed director and colleague, whose dedication to his artists was unmatched. We are extremely lucky to have been touched by his unique humor, exceptional kindness and infectious joie de vivre.

 “Our thoughts are with his wife and children. RIP.”

DHP Family’s George Akins, who was a good friend of Chumbley, said: “He was instrumental in helping DHP family become the national promoter it is today, with key tours by Dropkick Murphys and Rufus Wainwright putting us on the map.
“A big hole is left in the music industry today, he was a true maverick who ripped up the rule book and made sure he looked after his artist and supported the good guys. We will be forever in his debt.” Ed Sellers, Chumbley’s colleague at Primary, wrote: “I don’t know what to say but the number of calls, texts and emails I’ve had today from musicians, friends, promoters & agents shows just how much Dave was loved by everybody. I won’t say anything else because I know he would have just called me a f###ing creep.”
Dan Steinberg of
Many made note of Chumbley’s passing on Twitter, including Italian promoter Claudio Trotta,
Emma Banks of CAA told Pollstar: “I spent more nights at the Atlantic Bar with Dave Chumbley than I would ever own up to! In the 90’s it was THE place to be and so of course I tagged along with my cool friends – Dave was one of them. “Time moved on and we all grew up – going to bed at 4am and getting up for 8am not so easy and so those fun times were consigned to history but I will never forget them. Once met and then never forgotten – Dave Chumbley was a great man and a very fine agent. 
Chumbley was recently featured on the Promoter 101 podcast:
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“He was special as he had an opinion and we are going to miss his opinion now he’s gone. “Always a smile and a kind word but with a keen brain and top notch agent skills, we were competitors but it never felt too bad to lose out to Dave Chumbley as you knew he was a very worthy opponent. He was a family man and my heart breaks for his wonderful wife Romilly and their children. He is gone now but will never be forgotten, RIP Dave, you were special.”
Herman Schueremans, Rock Werchter, Live Nation: “I love Chumb, the Champ, as he was always straight forward and no nonsense, but loyal. Together we were building artist’s careers. He always kept his sense of humor, even in difficult times. Enjoyed his visit at TWC2016 at Werchter with his artist Lana Del Ray and the dinner and a good glass of wine we had . We had another good time at le Café Belge after IFF in London last September, when Dave invited some team mates/ agents and some promotors. We discussed business and made plans and made them happen ,but also had fun and told jokes, the one better than the other… 

“My sincere condolences to his team mates at Primary Talent, the home of human beings , and to his wife and children and family.. Will miss Dave.”

Neil Warnock of UTA added: “Dave Chumbley, Loud! Always had an opinion, one of the team and loyal friend. He worked for me from the early 80’s in the very early days of The Agency Group. I was always sorry to lose him and now we have all lost him.” Imogen Heap, who was among the artists Chumbley used to represent, wrote: “The man to thank for booking so many of my live shows for 2 decades, died on Tuesday. Dave Chumbley, I’m really going to miss you.” 
Other acts represented by Chumbley included Lana Del Rey, Nerina Pallot, Ziggy Marley and Gwen Stefani. He was also