Aubrey Logan’s Run

Aubrey Logan, a vocalist best known for her work with Scott Bradlee’s Postmodern Jukebox, is launching her solo debut, Impossible, tomorrow and she has tour dates in North America and Europe to introduce the tunes to the masses.

Photo Courtesy of Caravan PR
– Aubrey Logan
A press photo for Aubrey Logan.

Impossible is billed as Jazz on iTunes but her press describes it as a “sensational cross-genre debut.” If you want to see how she sounds, look no further than her cover of MC Hammer’s “U Can’t Touch This” off the album.

You’ll notice in the video that Logan is also a skilled trombone player.

Logan is playing Los Angeles tomorrow night and she stays in the U.S. until Sept. 9, when she performs at New York’s 

Tickets to the solo shows are on sale.

We don’t have much data on record for Logan as a solo artist, but her work with PMJ has gotten her in front of sizable crowds around the world. The solo dates we do have for her show an average of 92 percent of tickets sold, albeit in very intimate venues.

If you want more on Aubrey Logan’s touring plans, check out her Pollstar artist page.