UTA Names Co-Presidents

The growth trajectory at

Jay Sures and David Kramer
Alex Berliner/AB Images
– Jay Sures and David Kramer

Kramer and Sures have taken almost identical career tracks to this point – both began careers at UTA as assistants to co-founder Peter Benedek. Both were promoted to managing partners in 2010. And both sit on the board of directors with CEO Jeremy Zimmer, Benedek, co-founder and Chairman Jim Berkus, Tracey Jacobs, Matt Rice and investor Jeffrey Ubben.

Kramer leads comedy touring at UTA in addition to the motion picture group. Sures heads television. Together, and with Zimmer, they have “directed UTA’s significant growth and expansion over the past several years,” according to a statement.

In the last five years, UTA has doubled in size to include more than 850 global employees and made major acquisitions in the music, news and finance spaces; recruited top agents and execs into leadership roles at UTA and acquired an equity stake in AGM Partners.

“As we continue to expand and evolve into a truly diverse entertainment company, artists and creators remain at the center of everything we do,” Kramer and Sures said in a joint statement.

“For us, this partnership has worked so well for so long because it’s always been more than just a professional experience.  We’ve loved working and growing the business together, and we look forwards to continuing that work with our fellow board members, partners and everyone across the agency.”