80 Proof Buried Treasure

Event security has had to be on the lookout for every which way a person can smuggle booze into an event but the recent Electric Zoo festival may have had a whole new concern – one that would have made Andy Dufresne from “Shawshank Redemption” proud.

The Chemical Brothers
Robert Altman / Invision / AP
– The Chemical Brothers
“Electric Zoo Transformed,” Randall’s Island, New York City

Unlike using the 80-ounce “beer belly,” the suntan lotion dispenser that contains Jim Beam, and the already-opened plastic water containers to bring free drinks into an event, one patron apparently didn’t risk hiding booze on his body at all, as noted by RaveJungle.com.

Instead, according to a Facebook post, “Alex” went to Randall’s Island in New York weeks before the event was even fenced off and buried a bottle of vodka on what would become the festival grounds. He then dug it up once he entered the event.  “We used this little plastic dog scooper thing,” Alex said on Facebook.  “It looks like a back scratcher thing. They didn’t care.”