Lolla Berlin Site Responds

The operator of the horse racetrack Hoppegarten in Germany, site of Lollapalooza Berlin 2017, has reacted to the festival promoter’s claims regarding infrastructure problems during the event.  

Lollapalooza Berlin 2017
Jens Kalaene / Source: dpa
– Lollapalooza Berlin 2017
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Festivalgoers complained about the transport system at this year’s edition of Lollapalooza Berlin, particularly on the first festival day, Sept. 9.

After the event, organizers Hörstmann Unternehmensgruppe and Festival Republic praised the racetrack itself, but also identified infrastructural problems of Hoppegarten.

A decision was made to move the festival to Berlin’s Olympiapark for its fourth edition in 2018. 

The operators of Hoppegarten reacted to these statements, pointing out that the site was very much capable of hosting large-scale events.

They say it wasn’t the infrastructure of Hoppegarten that caused the departure chaos but the poor implementation of the traffic concept, which had been worked out between promoters, experts and local authorities.

All parties had known that access to Hoppegarten train station was restricted due to construction work.

The approved traffic concept was lacking sufficient alternatives such as shuttle buses and extra parking spaces close to the site.

The operators of Hoppegarten take the fact the departure worked much better on the second festival day as proof that the festival’s promoters hadn’t implemented the traffic concept properly on day one and had failed to adequately inform visitors.

By releasing a statement of its own, Hoppegarten intends to make sure its suitability for large-scale events isn’t challenged.

The site’s MD, Peter Hoeck, said the racetrack Hoppegarten had proved its suitability for large-scale events with Lollapalooza Berlin 2017.

He praised the “fantastic atmosphere” and “almost perfect procedures on the Sunday.” Hoeck even hinted at hoping to still host another Lollapalooza edition at Hoppegarten. He told he was “optimistic” the promoters of the festival would change their mind and remain at the racetrack.

Pollstar reached out to Hörstmann Unternehmensgruppe for comment.