Blizzard Unveils Esports Arena

Los Angeles is getting a new destination for professional video game competitions as Blizzard unveiled its flagship esports arena in the Burbank Studios Sept. 7.
– Blizzcon
A promotional image for BlizzCon 2017

Blizzard Arena Los Angeles is a part of the legendary studio and will open to the public Oct. 7-8 with the Overwatch Contenders Season One Playoffs.
The approximately 450-capacity venue will also host championships for Blizzard games like Hearthstone, Heroes of the Storm and will eventually be a hub for the city-based franchise system of its Overwatch League. 
The venue features multiple sound stages, control rooms, and practice facilities. 
“We’re at a tipping point for esports and we look forward to helping usher in a new era of competition-based entertainment,” Blizzard CEO and cofounder Mike Morhaime stated. “As we open the doors of Blizzard Arena Los Angeles and welcome fans from around the world, we’re honored to bring the best in Blizzard esports to the same stage that some of the biggest names in entertainment have called home.”
Activision Blizzard acquired esports pioneers Major League Gaming as a part of its newly formed Media Networks Division last year. The World Of Warcraft and Starcraft developer also hired some former sports industry execs with the stated goal of creating the “ESPN” of esports.
Blizzard being a game developer puts it in a unique position to benefit from the recent growth of esports. A franchise spot in the city-based Overwatch league is reportedly worth $2 million to $5 million in tertiary markets and as much as $30 million in a major market, according to ESPN.
Blizzard’s flagship event, BlizzCon is set to take place at the