Breast Biter Sentenced

A man who bit a 14-year-old girl at a Green Day concert in Portland, Ore., was sentenced to more than 30 days in jail.

Multnomah County Sheriff
– Biter
This undated file photo shows Joel Dauncey, from Vancouver, British Columbia. Dauncey bit a 14-year-old girl on the right breast during a Green Day concert in Portland, Ore.

Joel Dauncey, 34, pleaded no contest to biting the girl on her right breast during the Aug. 2 concert.

The girl told police she was dancing next to her mother when Dauncy bit her. One of the workers at the venue who witnessed the incident said Dauncy was cut off from buying more alcohol.

Dauncy told investigators he had no memory of the incident.

He was sentenced for misdemeanor harassment of a sexual or intimate body part.