Elite 100 Artists Week Ending 9/14/17

New music from Thomas RhettThe National. and Jack Johnson put them on top for the week with strong album sales. However, Drake and Taylor Swift remain.  


Meanwhile, Lil Uzi Vert and  continue to chart very high on the list thanks to (nearly) streaming alone. 

Another notable LP release is Neil Young‘s Hitchhiker. Originally recorded in 1976, It’s Neil’s 38th studio album. Sales in its first week of release were strong enough to put him at No. 21 on this chart for the week. 

Kip Moore‘s latest, Slowheart, also had strong opening sales, putting the country heartthrob at No. 18. 

Pollstar, with the BuzzAngle Music-powered Elite 100 Artists Chart, gives a snapshot of the week’s top-selling artists based on music sales and streaming, counting data from the U.S. and Canada.

All product, not just current releases, by that artist are included in the figures and the total for ranking purposes is based on an album sale equaling 1, 10 song sales equal 1 album, and 1,500 on-demand streams equal 1 album.

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