Fox Theatre Names Programming Director

Rival Entertainment’s Lucy Lawler-Freas has signed on for another role in the industry as the new director of programming at Atlanta’s Fox Theatre.

Starting Oct.11, the newly created position will see Lawler-Freas sharing booking responsibilities with Fox Theatre president and CEO Allan Vella and booking and contract manager Shelly Kleppsattel.

Lucy Lawler-Freas
– Lucy Lawler-Freas

Lawler-Freas will continue to co-lead Rival Entertainment’s concert and festival production teams as partner/senior talent buyer at the company, which she formed with partner John Antenucci in 2004.  An announcement notes that Fox Theatre and Rival Entertainment, as well as Lawler-Freas’ roles at the organizations, will remain independent from one another.

“When launching Rival Entertainment almost 15 years ago, the first performances I booked were two sold-out Pixies shows at the Fox Theatre,” Lawler-Freas said in a statement. “It was such a great sense of accomplishment, especially since the Fox is simply magical and I’ve admired its beauty since I was a little girl.

“Ever since then, every show that I organize at the Fox – I always pause to take it all in. Each and every time, I am still in awe. I could not be more excited and proud to join the creative, passionate, and hardworking Fox Theatre team.”

Lawler-Freas was previously a talent buyer for House of Blues Concerts Club Network for three years and Concert/Southern Promotions (now Live Nation) for more than four years.