Visa Problems Kill Lord Of The Lost Support Dates

German rock band Lord Of The Lost was set to tour the U.S. with KMFDM, but visa problems have nixed those plans.

Exoport – Eigenes Werk
– Lord Of The Lost

The band released a statement today saying the group had problems with the U.S. Citzenship and Immigration Services.

“We’ve met every demand and submitted countless translated interviews, newspaper articles, concert contracts, time schedules, endorsement contracts, label contracts, booking agency contracts, planet tickets and travel receipts, invoices from and to us, sales figures, bank account statements, revenues, expenses, tax assessments, medical data, criminal records, private background, family trees, employment agreements, credentials, booklet scans, production schedules, royalty statements, any proof of our existence as actual and not entirely unknown musicians, showing that our only interest in temporarily staying in the USA was merely about playing a tour,” the statement read.

The statement goes on to note that they had heard of other bands also being denied entry into the U.S. and speculated that their administrative nightmare might be a “demonstration of power.”

LOTL were playing support on the tour, but KMFDM will still be doing the dates with Ohgr, who might at least get a longer opening set now.

The only dates we have for Lord Of The Lost are in Germany, starting with two nights in Hamburg’s

Lord Of The Lost seems to do fine in clubs in Germany, but this tour was a chance to see how big of an audience they could pull in America.

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