Luke Combs Guitarist: Las Vegas Shooting ‘Terrifying’

Kurt Ozan, guitarist for Luke Combs who played the Route 91 Harvest Festival in Las Vegas where at least 58 people were shot dead, told Pollstar he was backstage when the shooting began. 

Shooting Aftermath
Chase Stevens/Las Vegas Review-Journal via AP
– Shooting Aftermath
Medics treat the wounded as Las Vegas police respond during an active shooter situation on the Las Vegas Stirp in Las Vegas.
“I played the show tonight. It was fucking terrifying,” Ozan posted on Reddit. “We had played earlier in the day and were at the backstage bar when it happened. 
“Sounded like fireworks but they kept coming and coming while growing louder. We soon realized it was gunfire and hid behind (Jason) Aldean’s tour buses.

“Victims were brought backstage and we all gave up our belts to anyone with a medical background. People fleeing the scene sounded like a stampede. Once the first shooter was down, we all sprinted out of the venue.” Ozan said in the confusion he was initially told there were multiple shooters.

“Our crew and band are all safe.
“I’ve been texting with other bands and everyone seems accounted for,” he posted.  
 “It was scary enough being backstage, I couldn’t imagine being out in the crowd. The sounds of screaming and running was chilling.”
Luke Combs was playing the event as part of the “Next From Nashville Sirius XM Highway Finds.”