Live Nation Unveils FivePoint

Live Nation will be opening FivePoint Amphitheater tonight, continuing the tradition of live outdoor music in Irvine, Calif. after the closure of one of its most iconic venues, Irvine Meadows Amphitheater.

Bret Gallagher, president of Southern California Live Nation, spoke to Pollstar about working with community developer FivePoint. 

FivePoint Amphitheatre
– FivePoint Amphitheatre

“Fivepoint, as a community leader in Irvine and Orange County, is a tremendous partner for us,” Gallagher said. FivePoint launched Save Live Music Irvine last year in an effort to keep live outdoor performances in town.

Live Nation, who has planned on developing a new venue in Irvine’s Great Park for years, shared the goal.

“It was priority mostly for the fans. People got used to going to Irvine Meadows for 30 or 40 years. First concert with mom and dad was at Irvine Meadows, first concert by themselves, graduations, these marked special focal points for people,” Gallagher said. “It was important for us to keep the tradition of live music happening in Irvine.”

Gallagher said the two companies received widespread support for the project. Their proposal to build the arena won with a 5-0 vote.

“All were extremely supportive of this endeavor,” he said. “We ‘re all united under one common goal: keep shows and concerts outdoors in Irvine.”

The new, 12,000-capacity shed in Great Park will kick it off with a performance by hometown heroes Young The Giant.

“We absolutely wanted them to open this venue, they are from Irvine they went through the Irvine musical school system, so it was natural for us.” Gallagher said.

As far as Live Nation’s plans for Irvine, Gallagher said the company will to continue to work with FivePoint and Irvine to develop the Great Park area. “What we want to do is keep working with the city council members and Mayor [Donald] Wagner,” he said. “We’d like our amphitheater to be the cornerstone of what they want to develop down there.”