Elite 100: Tom Petty, Shania Twain

The unexpected passing of Tom Petty has brought out remembrances, tributes and renewed interest in the American rock legend, who is No. 2 on this week’s chart. Since 1985, Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers have sold 6.5 million concert tickets according to Pollstar data.

Petty’s touring high-water mark was in 1995, when he ranked seventh on Pollstar’s top tours of the year, grossing $27.5 million, which adjusting for inflation would put the figure at $44 million.

His total gross from 1985 to Mid-Year of 2017 is $296.4 million, and average ticket price was $62.31 in 2017 dollars. Petty’s highest yearly gross was $44.6 million in 2011, when he and his band ranked 14th on the year-end chart.

Pollstar expects Tom to top $70 million when all 2017 performances are accounted for, and for his final gross for the years 1985 through 2017 top $366.4 million in actual dollars or $469.4 million in 2017 dollars. 

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Tom Petty of Mudcrutch
John Davisson
– Tom Petty of Mudcrutch
Fox Theater, Oakland, Calif.

Back to this week’s chart, Shania Twain is tops with strong sales from her new LP, titled Now.

Shania will be taking the Now tour on the road in May, with 54 dates announced mostly in North American including her native Canada. She has six dates already announced in the UK taking her into October of next year. 

Shania’s 2015 “Rock This Country” summer tour of the U.S. and Canada sold 703,146 tickets and grossed $69 million. She was 19th on Pollstar’s Year End Top 100 Worldwide Tours that year.

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