Facebook Announces VR Venues

Facebook is taking another step into the live entertainment industry with its virtual reality “Venues” app, Mark Zuckerberg announced at this year’s Oculus Connect conference Oct. 11 in San Jose, Calif.

Mark Zuckerberg
AP Photo
– Mark Zuckerberg

Details are scarce, but Zuckerberg said the app would enable users to virtually watch live concerts and sports with friends around the world.

Venues is the latest third-part Oculus app to tackle the live music business, joining apps like FoxVR, LiveLike and industry juggernaut Next VR, who is partnered with Ticketmaster.

Venues will also have to contend with AltspaceVR, which was recently acquired by Microsoft, according to Tom’s Hardware. AltspaceVR launched its Front Row technology last year, which enables up to 100 people to watch a live concert in the same virtual space.

Zuckerberg said Venues would allow thousands of people to experience live events together. In addition to concerts and sports, the app will apparently allow users to view movie and television premiers.