Fan Claims Slip, Fall, & Torture

A fan who claims to have slipped on cups, bottles and liquids at a Ween show at

Hollywood Palladium
– Hollywood Palladium

Gregory John Genco, Jr. claims he slipped at an Oct. 13 show when he was “moving around the general admission section” where there were “numerous beer cups, water bottles, spilled liquids and other plastic cups/bottles left unattended,” according to the lawsuit.

Genco claims the staff immediately approached him and asked about the incident and while he was “still disoriented” and asking to go home to clean himself up, a guard “without introducing himself” and without consent “reached inside of Plaintiff’s pocket to retrieve his wallet,” according to the suit

When Genco allegedly put his hand over his front pocket, the guards slammed him to the ground when he resisted, handcuffed him, dragged him into a wheelchair, handcuffed him to the chair, and attempted to break his fingers, according to the lawsuit.

The plaintiff is accusing the defendants of various forms of negligence, liability, intentional infliction of emotional distress, assault, battery and false imprisonment. He is suing for various damages, medical bills, loss of income, and interest.

Live Nation doesn’t comment on ongoing litigation.