Kevin Hart Getting ‘Irresponsible’

One of North America’s most popular comedians, Kevin Hart, is touring the U.S. with new material that, as always, will draw on events from his personal life.

Kevin Hart
Anna C. Jones
– Kevin Hart
BJJC Concert Hall in Birmingham, Ala.

The “Irresponsible Tour” dates start Dec. 21 in Hollywood, Fla.’s

Presales are ongoing now and the general onsale starts Oct. 20.

Kevin’s name has been in headlines frequently in the last few months as he publicly admitted to infidelity in response to being extorted by unknown individuals who claimed to have video evidence. A promotional video for the tour indicates he will be addressing the scandal on tour.

Kevin has only done a handful of shows this year, most of which have been in the past few months, so it is about time for him to get back on tour. He grossed a reported $22 million in 2016 in a tour that stretched from the U.S. to Australia to Europe to South Africa.

For the latest on Kevin Hart’s touring plans, look no further than his Pollstar artist page. – Francisco Rendon