Production Live! Programming Announced for 2018 Pollstar Live! Conference

Pollstar has released the schedule for Production Live!, the Feb. 6 opening day of the Pollstar Live! conference programming that focuses on issues related to the vibrant and ever-evolving event production side of the industry. 

Directed by longtime Pollstar Live! associate Steve Macfadyen, founder of Tried and True Event Productions, and longtime Bon Jovi tour director Paul Korzilius and svp for OVG’s Arena and Stadium Alliance and Music Clubs, Production Live! will tackle issues critical to the professionals in the concert industry that make the magic happen.

With topics such as “Stage Management 101—Cracking the Code on Multi-Act Productions,” “How to Make Your Building an Easy Day,” and “Regulate This—Navigating Troublesome Government Intrusion on the Touring Industry,” Production Live will spotlight the trends, challenges and opportunities critical to those who work in the realm of sound, lights, staging, rigging, operations, video, transportation, and stage management. Technological advancement in live event production will be the subject of “Now Hear This—Innovation & Technology,” and how to keep shows safe and secure will be addressed in “Yes, Even You—The Diplomacy & Necessity of Back-Of-House Security” (full-schedule below)

“Historically, the production side of the industry has been somewhat under-served in the conference space, and we want to enhance the good work that Pollstar Live! has already done to focus on this sector of the touring industry,” said Ray Waddell, OVG president, publications and conferences.

Last week Pollstar Live! announced its initial slate of speakers, which includes Live Nation Entertainment CEO Michael Rapino, entrepreneur, owner of the Dallas Mavericks and “Shark Tank” star Mark Cuban and Bendheim Professor of Economics and Public Affairs at Princeton University and author of Rockonomics Alan Krueger.

Other speakers include Peter Shapiro, founder/producer of DayGlo Productions and Brooklyn Bowl, Jim Meyer, CEO of Sirius XM, Neil Portnow, president/CEO of the Recording Academy, Roger Lynch, CEO of Pandora, Troy Carter, global head of creator services, Spotify, and Rich Bressler, president/CEO of iHeart Communications.

For more information on the 2018 Pollstar Live! click here; and to register for this year’s conference go here. 

2018 Production Live! Schedule
Intercontinental Downtown LA. Tuesday, Feb. 6, 2018


Yes, Even You—The Diplomacy & Necessity of Back-Of-House Security

Even with all the focus on expanding the venue perimeter and off-premise security concerns, the industry has also zeroed in on tightened security and access to green rooms, VIPs, and overall back-of-house security. This panel will examine the implications of increased security during load-in/-out, sound checks, and throughout the venue as venues and live event producers seek to harden the target. 


How to Make Your Building an Easy Day

Leading production professionals and venue operations gurus will discuss dos and don’ts of touring production, day-of-show etiquette, and ways to make your venue a favorite stop on the route. Learn how not to screw up a perfectly easy day and make sure profitable tours come back next time. On the flip side, this panel will explore what the venues would like the tour and production managers to know about being a good guest and what touring productions need to know about the market.


Stage Management 101—Cracking the Code on Multi-Act Productions

In an era where multi-act festivals dominate the summers and three- or four-act bills are commonplace, veteran stage managers will discuss the art and science of managing the production flow and keeping the show running as close to schedule as possible. As part of this, panelists will discuss the economics of sharing production at stadium and other outdoor events.




Keynote Panel Artist/PM Q&A


Case Study


Regulate This—Navigating Troublesome Government Intrusion on the Touring Industry

This panel is to keep touring pros up-to-date on legislation that can impact moving shows up and down the road. Included in this session is discussion of insurance, immigration and VISAs in this era of the “travel ban.” Included are tour managers, transportation/entertainment coach pros, travel agent, freight and staging company reps, and immigration specialists.


Now Hear This—Innovation & Technology 

Every year, new apps, digital innovations, and improved technology impacts the business bringing the theoretical circus to town, enhancing the fan experience and taking sound, visual and operations to new heights. Touring professionals on the cutting edge of the latest tech innovations will discuss what’s new and cool for 2018, including a breakdown of costs and implementation of the latest video, sound, lights, and rigging. Also, a discussion of the cost/reward ratio and whether the latest/greatest makes a difference to fans.


Closing Remarks


Pollstar Live! Opening Reception