Kwatinetz Ankles The Firm To Join Geragos Law Firm

Jeff Kwatinetz, whose career has taken him from discovering Korn to bringing Steve Bannon briefly into the fold as CEO of The Firm, is taking another jag from that path and reportedly quit the company to become a civil rights attorney with Mark Geragos.

Jeff Kwatinetz
– Jeff Kwatinetz
Kwatinetz talks about the future at CIC 2007. 

Maybe he’ll be able to produce the script about it someday, because his career has been anything but conventional.

According to Deadline‘s Anita Busch, Kwatinetz has long harbored a desire to “make material change and be a force for good,” and he sees the move, while retaining involvement in CubeVision and Big3 projects with Ice Cube, as fulfilling that aspiration.

Kwatinetz is a Harvard-educated attorney and has maintained an active membership in the California Bar Association, according to Deadline.

Geragos has a long career litigating criminal and civil rights cases, including some very high-profile clients like Michael Jackson, Chris Brown, Scott Peterson, and former U.S. Rep. Gary Condit. One of his newest clients is former San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick.

“I’m very proud of everything we’ve accomplished and that makes me feel confident to take this next step,” Kwatinetz told the website. “With the success of Big3 and CubeVision, I am motivated by that and the overall good they can bring and know this move is the final piece of the puzzle. When I see Mark (Geragos) working on cases like Colin Kaepernick and see other civil rights cases he is working and doing out of a passion of what is right, that speaks to me. And for me, these three things naturally align.”

Kwatinetz and Ice Cube reportedly will continue to head up Big3, a professional three-on-three basketball league that just completed its first season. He told Deadline that the league fulfills a purpose bigger than providing content for a sports network.

“Big3’s unique structure was created around player empowerment and both Big3 and CubeVision challenge the ingrained power structure of the privileged few dictating who calls the shots in sports and entertainment,” Kwatinetz told Deadline.

A call to The Firm’s number went to an answering service. Pollstar has reached out to Kwatinetz for comment.