Rolling Stone Park: New FKP Scorpio Festival

Germany-based concert promoter FKP Scorpio is to promote a new festival in Germany’s most famous theme park, the Europa Park in Rust. It is called Rolling Stone Park and will take place Nov. 16-17, 2018.  

Like FKP’s Rolling Stone Weekender, which takes place annually at Weissenhäuser Strand on the German coast of the Baltic Sea, the new event is produced in cooperation with the German edition of Rolling Stone Magazine.

Both Europa Park and Weissenhäuser Strand are amusement parks, and the Rolling Stone festivals are taking advantage of their infrastructure, which includes a variety of accommodation option that can be coupled with a ticket.

All stages, four in total at Rolling Stone Park, are indoors, which FKP will welcome after a couple of tough years, in which bad weather severely tampered with its flagship events in Germany.

More than 30 acts are supposed to play the new festival, the first names are to be announced soon. A record store, readings as well as concert poster exhibition will be part of the supporting program, as will be the culinary offering, which, again, is already in place on site. 

Rolling Stone Park
Julia Schwendner
– Rolling Stone Park
L-R: Volker Schadt (Rolling Stone), Folkert Koopmans (FKP Scorpio), Sebastian Zabel (Rolling Stone), Thomas Mack (Europa Park), Stephan Thanscheidt (FKP Scorpio)

FKP head Folkert Koopmans said that when Rolling Stone Weekender launched in 2009, people still had to be convinced that the combination of rock and roll and a mini-break worked. Today the festival is sold-out way in advance.

The ninth edition took place Nov. 4-5 and welcomed 4,000 people. Rolling Stone Park is supposed to bring a similar offering to the south of Germany.