Tyler Fey Brings Feyline Back to Denver, Red Rocks

When heritage promoter Barry Fey took his own life in April 2013, his absence left a space in the highly competitive Denver live music market that, at least to his son Tyler, was best left for others to fill. 

Tyler Fey
– Tyler Fey

Feyline, the name of Barry Fey’s original concert promotion company, was a Denver mainstay from 1967 until the company was renamed Fey Concerts some 20 years later and ultimately sold in 1997. Barry remained in the concert business in some form until his death, but the name Feyline was relegated to local history.

Danny Higginbotham and a few partners did, however, purchase the Feyline name and trademarks from Barry in 2012 and started an artist management company.

Tyler, now 26, had bad memories. But since the company wasn’t involved in concert promotion, he decided to join up with Higginbotham’s venture and give it a try.

Fast forward five years, and Red Rocks Amphitheatre in nearby Morrison, Colo., will ring in 2018 by hosting its first New Year’s Eve hip hop concert, featuring Migos, Young Thug, and Lil Yachty – and promoted by Feyline.

He’s getting some help from Jason Huffer, of Make Entertainment Great Again, who opened up Las Vegas’ MGM Grand Garden Arena with Barry Fey. 

“After the journey that was working with Barry, opening up The Joint, Garden Arena and expanding the Vegas market, it’s a real pleasure to resurface and partner with his son Tyler on the first ever New Years Eve at Barry’s favorite venue: Red Rocks.”  

“I like to call it a twist of fate,” Tyler Fey told Pollstar. “I had no intention of ever getting into [concert promotion]. I ran from it, in fact, for many years. [Higginbotham] enticed me and got me over not the fear, but the distaste, for the business. And that’s how I got into it; as a manager.”

Among his first efforts was a 2013 Earth Day concert at Red Rocks called Feed The Rocks featuring Disco Biscuits and Shpongle. But even then, the concert was officially promoted by a group called People Helping People to benefit Denver Parks and Recreation.

It didn’t do badly, selling 6,668 tickets and grossing $264,655 for DPR, which oversees operations at the 9,525-capacity Red Rocks Amphitheater.

“I’d definitely dipped my toe in the waters and I had, obviously, learned from the best. There was not much room for failure in my household, so you learn how to do shit quick. But I told myself I would never throw shows,” Tyler said.

“I think Barry would not have chosen for any of [his kids] to get into this. Again, I didn’t really choose it for myself; I think it was fate that brought me in but the feedback was all very positive, at least on a national level. Locally, maybe a little less positive,” he said, laughing.

Tyler Fey doesn’t think Denver’s other concert promoters should see the return of Feyline to Denver as an encroachment on their turf.

“I don’t intend to be a 50-plus-dates a year promoter, but nobody really knows that,” Tyler explained. “They just know that Feyline is getting back into this market and that has caused some negative and positive stares. I get great responses from the agents, and management in L.A. It’s progressively good feedback.

“We want to do something special and boutique. We’ve done shows in New York, Miami, but now we’re bringing it back to Red Rocks.”

It’s also Tyler’s intention to see Feyline become a force in the destination festival space, despite the recent taint of the Fyre Festival debacle. In fact, one such festival – Island of Light featuring EDM artist Pretty Lights in Puerto Rico – was announced just as Fyre Festival imploded.

Ultimately, Island of Light – which rented out the El Conquistador, a Waldorf Astoria property in Fajardo, Puerto Rico – was canceled due to massive damages caused by hurricanes Irma and Maria, but the fest is expected to take place in 2018.

“Fortunately, despite what happened with Fyre Festival, Pretty Lights’ fanbase is pretty loyal and we’re going to bring [Island of Light] back” with a benefit component for Puerto Rico rebuilding.

Feyline is supporting efforts to restore Puerto Rico after the island was decimated by the hurricanes, and Tyler hopes to put together benefit concerts to be announced at a later date, either on Puerto Rico or in Denver.