Bill Murray: Ticket Broker

If one is in Charleston, S.C., and checking out a show at the Charleston Music Hall, don’t be surprised if Bill Murray hands you a ticket.

Bill Murray
– Bill Murray
The comedy legend just might have your ticket.

A picture of Murray handing out tickets to The Steeldrivers’ Nov. 9 bluegrass show was posted on Reddit with the zealous statement that Murray had bought all the remaining tickets and started handing them out to everybody.

That’s close: according to GM Charles Camody, Murray bought some tickets, and did so the next night for Randy Newman, too.

“He bought like a block of 30 and started handing them out to people. Yeah he comes to shows all the time,” Camody told Pollstar.  It’s apparently common for Murray to buy a block of tickets to recruit people to come to the shows, or to just hand out to others at walkup.

“I actually found him onetime backstage for Soggy Bottom Boys.  I was, like, ‘Bill, how’d you get back here!’  ‘I dunno, I just walked back here.’ So I made him go out and announce Soggy Bottom Boys, and he did. It was awesome.

“He does that all the time.  He’s great.  He’ll say, ‘All right, I’m going to try and get 20 people in. We need to get people to the show.’  Then he’ll make it his mission to get folks to come out. He’s the best.”

Murray lives in Charleston “most of the time,” and he’s “always been a supporter of local arts,” Camody said.