Brian Penix Exits NS2 For Vector Management

Longtime concert promoter Brian Penix has decided to go all-in as an artist manager, leaving National Shows 2, or NS2, for a full-time gig with Vector Management in Nashville.

Brian Penix
– Brian Penix

“I can’t say enough good things about the people I am leaving behind at NS2, Frank Productions, CMoore Live, and ABI Management,” Penix wrote in a post to Facebook. “I am truly going to miss all of them, but I am so excited to be working with Ken Levitan and the rest of the Vector team. Onward and Upward!”

Penix and NS2 CEO Darin Lashinsky were colleagues at Outback Concerts when Lashinsky decided in 2010 to follow in his father Phil Lashinksy’s footsteps and start NS2. Penix joined him at the new company as a talent buyer.

Penix got the opportunity to flex his management muscles when NS2 partnered with Fred and Larry Frank’s Frank Productions, which, in turn, last year partnered with CMoore Live and ABI Management.

At the time, Larry Frank told Pollstar that “the way we are structured, Charlie [Goldstone, of Frank Productions] and Darin can focus solely on concert promotion and Brian Penix with ABI Management has artist management.”

With Vector, Penix will have the advantage of working with a larger company and full staff with a sizeable roster.

He got into management with guitarist Tommy Emmanuel, whose career he’s guided for about three years after 15 years of promoting his shows.

“He approached me about management, and I couldn’t say no,” Penix told Pollstar. “Shortly after, Andy McKee came calling and he’s an artist who is similar to Tommy, so it was a no-brainer. Then Jerry Douglas called, who I’ve also known for about 15 years and he’s a good fit.

“Jason Isbell, who is managed by Traci Thomas at Thirty Tigers, is someone I’ve promoted for years and get along with well, so I also got to know his wife Amanda Shires well, too, and now I’m managing her.” Penix also manages Douglas’s band Earls of Leicester.

“It hit the point where I was getting bogged down trying to do [both promoting and management],” Penix explained about his move. “I wanted a bigger staff, more infrastructure to help with managing, and next thing you know I’m in the Vector office talking with Ken Levitan.”

Penix emphasized that no bridges were burned in the making of his new career.

“Darin, the Franks and everyone were real supportive and they understand, but it was hard,” Penix said. “I’ve worked with Darin back to AC Entertainment with Alison Krauss. We’ve talked twice already today!”

Lashinsky is also effusive in praise of his colleague.  “Brian’s promoter and artist management expertise with be missed by both NS2 and ABI,” Lashinsky told Pollstar.  “Brian is like a brother to me, I love him and will certainly miss him and the significant contribution he made to both companies. I think this is an amazing opportunity for him and couldn’t be happier for him.” 

Penix can be reached at [email protected]