Randy Travis’ DUI Footage Predicament

Randy Travis’ request to block Texas from releasing the footage of him naked and ranting at police during a 2012 DUI arrest was denied by a federal judge.

Randy Travis
Wade Payne / Invision / AP
– Randy Travis
CMA Music Festival, LP Field, Nashville, Tenn.

The rejection is the latest event in Travis’ five-year legal battle to keep the footage private. Several media outlets have requested the footage, which apparently shows the country singer threatening officers while nude in the road, under the state’s Public Information Act.

Travis argued in a lawsuit filed in Texas in September that the footage should be considered private under health record privacy regulations. The lawsuit also said the footage is inappropriate to release to the public because Travis is unable to defend himself because of a stroke he suffered in 2013.

The judge said Travis’s request was denied because he failed to show a substantial likelihood of success on his claims.

The Texas attorney general said it would redact parts of the footage that shows Travis nude.