Parish Sells Via eBay

The Parish Austin
– The Parish Austin
The Parish in Austin, Texas, sold for $376,445 via eBay to an undisclosed bidder on Dec. 11.
The 425-capacity venue was sold by owner Doug Guller, CEO of ATX Brands, who also unloaded Schroeder Hall in Goliad, Texas, on eBay for $499,700 earlier this year, according to the The Austin Chronicle. Guller also sold the 19th-century Scoot Inn outdoor venue to C3 Presents in July. 
The Parish transaction included the club business, its bookings, the chance to renew the liquor license, all bar and sound equipment and a 12-year lease, according to Venues Today.
“This is the last of our pure music venues to go, and I’m hoping to get it in the hands of a live music fan who can take it to the next level,” Guller told Venues Today. “The great thing about The Parish is it’s an ongoing venue business with lots of success. All the shows transfer over to the new owner, so whoever wins the auction basically gets a nice shiny car and all they have to do is keep it running between the lines.”
The room is largely booked by C3 Presents and it has been a site for SXSW events. 
“Those of us with much interest in the health of this venue want to see it go to a capable owner who will nurture it and make it the best venue possible,” Rebecca Reynolds, president of the Austin’s chapter of the Music Venue Alliance told Venues Today. “I don’t know if there will be any consideration made, if from among the top bidders the winner will be the one that has the best abilities, but I believe it is Doug’s goal to get it into the hands of someone who’s going to be a good member of the music community.”