Pollstar’s 2018 Global Festival & Events Calendar Is Here!

Pollstar 2018 Global Festival & Events Calendar
– Pollstar 2018 Global Festival & Events Calendar
Pollstar’s 2018 Global Festival & Events Calendar is available now. This special comprehensive guide covers more than 2,300 events from more than 70 countries throughout the year with the online edition including links to each fest listing.

From titanic festivals like Bonnaroo to regional events such as the

In addition to displaying the dates of every confirmed festival, the Special Edition Calendar showcases beautiful photographs of festivals from around the world. 

With festivals now booked year-round, Pollstar’s Special Edition Calendar is an indispensable guide for promoters, agents and managers alike as well as fans looking for an endless summer music experience.

“Pollstar is extremely proud to have a record 2,325 confirmed festival events listed this year, encompassing over 70 countries worldwide,” Route Book Editor Wendy Snyder-Crabtree said. “The number is a substantial increase of more than 15 percent from 2017’s guide. Once again, the United Kingdom lead the pack with an excess of 450 confirmed festivals.

“Researching and compiling this data is a three-month long team effort between Pollstar’s Route Book and Directories departments,” Snyder-Crabtree continued, “with Pollstar’s Directories Research associate Debra Kruse leading the charge of reaching out for information and ensuring accuracy to provide the live industry’s absolute best and most valuable festival resource available.”

This Special Edition Calendar is included in every Pollstar subscription and will be mailed with the new issue. Visit Pollstar’s online store HERE to purchase yours.