Spotify’s ‘2017 Wrapped’ Numbers: Why Ty Dolla $ign Might Not Do 853 Wembley Stadium Shows

Spotify has unveiled a new “2017 Wrapped” campaign for artists, which presents a custom micro-site celebrating an artist’s success on the music streaming giant over the past year.   

Ty Dolla $ign
– Ty Dolla $ign

It includes an overview of how their music connected with fans and – for a fun perspective – calculates how many times an artist could fill a certain venue based on its total fan count.

That’s not to say Ty Dolla $ign should book 853 nights at Wembley Stadium, of course. He’s actually playing large clubs in 2018, including the Fillmore Silver SpringHouse of Blues in Chicago, and First Avenue in Minneapolis.

Artists and their teams can log in to 2017 Wrapped pages by logging into Spotify For Artists, the streamer’s dashboard for artists and teams to track their music. Examples provided include Alesso (40 million fans, 451 Wembley Stadiums), Dustin Lynch (9+ million fans, 101 Wembley Stadium nights) and Good Charlotte (10 million fans, 113 Wembleys).  

While Dustin Lynch may not be playing to quite that many people, he will get quite the look when opening for Brad Paisley in 2018, with 22 arena dates taking him to the end of April. At an estimate of 12,000 fans per night, that would put Lynch in front of 264,000 people.

“Wrapped” provides artists with the following data: biggest days of the year for up to three of their tracks, total number of times their songs have been streamed as well as the duration of streams, number of fan-curated playlists they were added to, three countries most of their listeners live in, and total unique listeners.

Fans can view an artist’s Wrapped page if an artist decides to share it publicly.

It’s just another possible tool for promoters, agents and managers to gauge demand for their artists, as services like Spotify, YouTube and SoundCloud have long become major barometers.

While streaming numbers give some valuable insight into an artist’s recorded music fan base, it’s far from a complete picture of demand.

For instance, while Anitta’s artist page says she has more than 18 million fans who could fill Wembley Stadium 207 times, Pollstar tour history has the Brazilian singer doing more like 3,000-5,000 tickets per night, and only in South America. 

Anitta – Anitta

Alesso hasn’t announced dates yet, but the 70,000-capacity (for concerts) Wembley Stadium has just six dates on the books, with four Ed Sheeran dates and two Taylor Swift in June. 

“There’s so much data I the music industry, and Spotify For Artists boils it all down to help artists and their teams discern the signal from the noise,” said Charlie Hellman, vice president of product and creator at Spotify. “The ‘Wrapped’ campaign is a great example of what we’ve infused into Spotify For Artists overall: data brought to life.”