Patti-Anne Tarlton Goes To Canadian Music And Broadcast Hall Of Fame

Patti-Anne Tarlton
– Patti-Anne Tarlton

Ticketmaster Canada COO Patti-Anne Tarleton will be inducted into the Canadian Music and Broadcast Hall of Fame at a May 10 gala at

Tarlton grew up in Canada’s music scene, the niece of legendary promoter and label head Donald Tarlton, and played a large role in it from concert promotion starting at Perryscope and House of Blues to heading up entertainment for Maple Leaf Sports & Entertainment to COO of Ticketmaster Canada.

“I have admired Patti-Anne throughout the years, seeing her rise through the ranks, and succeeding at every new level she takes on,” Canadian Music Week President Neill Dixon said in a statement to Canadian broadcast trade CARTT.cain the announcement.  “She continues to set a high standard in the music industry and is a true inspiration to everyone, especially young females seeking to get into the business.”

Tarlton spoke to Pollstar in 2008 for a wide-ranging profile when she was VP of live entertainment at MLS&E.

Her many roles in the music industry, from the talent to venues side and now into ticketing gave her a unique perspective, resulting in a Hall of Fame-worthy career serving all facets of the live industry in Canada. “I look at everything as a partnership. it’s not us versus them; we’re in it together,” Tarlton told Pollstar. “I do have the benefit of being able to judge expectations pretty successfully as i know what the expectations were when I was on the other side of the fence. I’m not looking to take more than my share of the pie because we both need other to stay in business. Respect that.”