Eventim Fansale Launches in UK, Caps Markup At 10%

Germany-based ticketing giant CTS Eventim has launched its Fansale, its fan-to-fan ticket resale offer in the UK.   

Eventim Fansale UK
– Eventim Fansale UK

Eventim says it wants to make sure that “tickets get into the hands of genuine fans,” which is achieved through verifying each ticket against Eventim UK’s ticketing system, ensuring that customers receive a legitimate ticket. They will also see their exact seat location at the venue.

Fansale also caps the resale price at 10 percent over the original purchase value, which covers the flat rate commission fee Eventim charges the buyer. Like in Germany, where Fansale has been in operation for a couple of years, a blue logo of shaking hands signals that the ticket is being sold at or below face-value, and another green logo signals that the ticket has been verified.

Fansale in the UK entered into a partnership with UPS, which collects the tickets from the seller for delivery and enables the tracking of tickets.

Eventim UK’s director of development, Dale Ballentine, said Fansale was about “Fan First Thinking, we want to make sure fans get tickets for a fair price.”

Adam Webb of FanFair Alliance, the most active organization against secondary ticketing in the UK, referred to the research commissioned by the alliance in 2017,

The findings of which “highlighted that the majority of music fans would like a mechanism to resell their tickets if they can no longer attend an event. They don’t want to profit, just to recoup their costs in a safe and efficient environment. It has been hugely positive to see a growing number of responsible ticketing companies, like Eventim, listen to consumers and move in this direction – and we hope more will follow in 2018.”