UK Ticketing Fraud Figures Increase

The UK’s Society of Ticket Agents & Retailers (STAR) has released new figures showing that the number of reported ticket fraud cases has increased, while the average value loss per victim decreased. 

Adrian Sanders
– Adrian Sanders
Society of Ticket Agents & Retailers (STAR).

Like in 2015, when the figures were published for the first time, STAR compiled the numbers in conjunction with Action Fraud, a fraud and cyber crime reporting center that sits within the City of London Police.

In the six months leading up to October 2015, some 2,885 fraud reports were registered, with a median loss per victim of £205. In the same period in 2017, Action Fraud received 3,973 reports with a median loss per victim of 195.

“Sadly, customers are continuing to fall prey to deliberate fraudsters and therefore need to know exactly where they should purchase tickets from safely,” said STAR chairman Adrian Sanders, adding that “despite the considerable advances in ticket fraud prevention, some customers are still too easily being tricked.”

Police received most complaints in June (1,072) and July (878). The mean average loss per victim was £406 ($550) in June and £462 ($626) in July, the median loss was £244 ($331) and £274 ($372), respectively.

Dave Clark, City of London Police’s national coordinator for economic crime, said, “Whether people are buying tickets for the theatre, a festival, a concert or a sports event, they need to remain vigilant and be aware that there are fraudsters all over the globe trying to make money out of people’s desire to buy tickets quickly and easily online. If a deal looks too good to be true, it probably is.”

STAR turned 20 this year. It held its inaugural meeting in December 1997 and began its work as the self-regulatory body for the entertainment ticket industry in 1998. Its members include every major authorized ticket seller in the UK, collectively selling more than 1 million tickets per week.

All members follow STAR’s code of practice. Should customers still face problems, STAR will mediate. 

Jonathan Brown
– Jonathan Brown
Society of Ticket Agents & Retailers (STAR).

STAR’s chief executive Jonathan Brown said: “The ticketing industry has evolved enormously over the past twenty years, but the core values of what STAR was founded on remain unchanged.

Customers deserve the very highest standards when it comes to purchasing tickets and the work STAR has done, and continues to do, ensures that it’s members remain reputable and accountable for every transaction.”