Google Okays Eventim Fansale

Eventim Fansale
– Eventim Fansale
The platform received Google

Fansale, the secondary ticketing platform by CTS Eventim fulfills Google’s requirements for ticket resellers advertising through the Google AdWords.

This means, Fansale will appear in the search results of people searching for tickets via Google. Eventim interprets the “rapid authorization” as “acknowledgement of the strategic approach taken by Fansale, namely to provide a fair and transparent ticketing portal for fan-to-fan transactions.”

Google introduced new requirements for ticket resellers in 2018, thereby reacting to the criticisms of many secondary-ticketing opponents. Resellers are required to break down ticket prices for customers and make it obvious to them that they are not buying on a primary site, that they may be paying significantly more for a resold ticket.

Fansale fulfils these requirements, according to Malte Blumenthal, senior vice president e-commerce at CTS Eventim, who said: “The reason why Fansale fulfulle the criteria so quickly was above all because honest and open communictation with our customers has always been an essential element of our approach.”

Fansale has been in operation in Germany since 2007. A blue logo of shaking hands signals that a ticket is being sold at or below face-value, another green logo signals that the ticket has been verified as a valid ticket. It also displays the original price for all available Eventim tickets, which Google will require from everyone come March.

The platform recently launched in the UK, and, according to Eventim, “further expansion of Fansale is planned.” Eventim CEO Klaus-Peter Schulenberg was recently questioned about secondary ticketing, and replied: “To be honest, I consider this black market to be an unspeakable development. If I had my way, the one showing up first at the box office – online or at the counter – should get the best ticket.”

He added that Eventim was doing “everything humanly possible” to curb the practice. “We’re fighting bots and have a dedicated department that scans all orders to detect salience.” Schulenberg thinks drawing by lots and personalizing tickets in case demand surpassed the supply could be a solution. He’d also like to see some legislative measures implemented, such as capping the resale price according to the French model.