Q’s With A Pollstar Award Winner: Stacy Vee, Goldenvoice

Stacy Vee
Stacy Vee Wins Pollstar Talent Buyer of the Year Honors.
– Stacy Vee
Stagecoacher Takes the Stage:

Goldenvoice‘s Stacy Vee picked up some major hardware at this year’s Pollstar Awards, which took place Feb. 8 at the WIltern in Los Angeles, being named Talent Buyer of the Year for her work with the AEG subsidiary and booking the massive country festival Stagecoach.

The company’s Coachella festival also was yet again honored as Music Festival Of The Year.

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Pollstar: Congrats, What were your tent poles this year?

Stacy Vee: I buy for Stagecoach and we have a really, really, really big show this year.

Who’s playing?

Garth Brooks, Florida Georgia Line, Keith Urban, it’s the most incredible line-up we’ve ever done.

Who played last year?

It did really well. Every year at Stagecoach we bring our A-game and work hard just to try and make the experience better for the artists and the patrons alike. It’s really a reflection of our entire staff. Our productions and marketing teams are the best of the best.

Who do you want to shout-out on your team?

Kevan Wilkins, Bill Fold, Mapi Moran, Lindsay Lyons, the marketing team – I mean I could literally go on and on and on and on.

How did Stagecoach go last year?

We actually had Shania Twain play last year which was so fun, she’s at the top of her game singing all the songs that everyone loves. She kind of came out of nowhere and just took everybody by surprise, it was so incredible and fun. And we had Dierks Bentley and Kenny Chesney, too, who are Stagecoach staples and totally brought it.

Does it get bigger every year?

It just continues to grow, which is tough to do in the festival world, but somehow we’re pulling it off.

Anything else you worked on last year to shout out?

Well just the entire festival portfolio, Firefly, Hangout, Bumbershoot, Buku, Panorama, Arroyo Seco, Mo Pop Festival, and Electric Forest.

How do you have time to do all that?

I’ve worked for Paul Tollett for 16 years now. Paul has literally paved the way for me at AEG and showed me the ropes. He’s the most incredible teacher and given me so much opportunity and freedom, he believes in me and has faith in me.

How did you start there?

It was part of Concerts West/Goldenvoice at the time. Paul Gongaware brought me in. Did you work with the late Rick Van Santen? Yes. What was he like? He was great, bigger than life. Super-talented, personality plus. We all miss him a lot every day.

What was your first job there?

I was Paul’s assistant for 13 years and then I took over Stagecoach and have been doing my thing there for a few years.

Do you have advice for women trying to make it as a talent buyer?

Work hard and be yourself. You can be super successful and be kind, nice and respectful. You can be whoever you are, there’s not just one type of person who has to be a certain way to be successful. Stay true to who you are and everybody should be respectful of one another.

Throughout your 16-year career, what’s been your favorite moment?

Seriously, just working with the Goldenvoice staff every day. They’re my best friends, they’re my life. It’s a big family and there’s comedy morning, noon and night and we all love each other.